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$KEK - ERC20

Welcome to the $KEK community, where shitposters and crypto chads unite to put Kekistan on the map





Kekistan is a fictional country that originated from internet memes and has been associated with certain segments of the online community, particularly those involved in internet trolling and some factions of the alt-right movement. The flag of Kekistan features a green background with a black and white emblem resembling a combination of the letters K and E, symbolizing the term "Kek," which has its roots in online gaming culture.

The concept of Kekistan has been used by some as a form of political satire and as a symbol of their opposition to what they perceive as mainstream or "politically correct" culture. The relationship between Kekistan and Pepe the Frog stems from the appropriation of Pepe by various online communities, including those associated with Kekistan. Pepe the Frog, originally created by cartoonist Matt Furie, became a popular internet meme and was later adopted by various political and social groups, including the alt-right and those associated with Kekistan.

The connection between Kekistan and Pepe is symbolic, as both have been used as symbols of resistance against mainstream culture and political correctness. The relationship between the two is rooted in the shared online communities that have adopted and propagated their use, often in the context of political and social commentary.

key features

But what does this have to do with $KEK, you ask? Well, $KEK is the fuel that keeps the Kekistani dream alive. It's the currency that funds the meme-factories, the training grounds for the next generation of meme-warriors. As proud citizens of Kekistan, it's our duty to hold onto our $KEK with pride and honor.

But wait, there's more! If you truly want to show your support for Kekistan and all that it stands for, you'll need to get your hands on the ultimate symbol of citizenship - the Kekistani passport.


Join us

So, let's stand together, $KEK in hand and passport at the ready. Long live Kekistan, and long live the $KEK!

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